Hello I Must be Going

Celebrated character actress Melanie Lynskey (Heavenly Creatures, television’s Two and Half Men) gives a breakout performance as Amy Minsky, a thirty-something divorcee, back under the suburban Connecticut roof of her parents (wonderful supporting turns by Blythe Danner and John Rubenstein). Spending her days in sweatpants watching old Marx Brothers movies (a favorite pastime shared with her father), Amy has put her life on hold, waiting for something or someone to ignite the spark lacking in her life. She meets a handsome 19-year-old actor on his summer break from school. Before long the two misfits become embroiled in a passionate affair. Unbeknownst to her overbearing mother, Amy sneaks out of the house late at night like a lovestruck teen. More alive than ever, she discovers a new independence and purpose in her life that her mother had always sought but could never find. With a sharply written script and hilariously uncomfortable moments of Jewish family dysfunction, Hello I Must Be Going maintains an endearing respect for its characters. Debut screenwriter Sarah Koskoff and director Todd Louiso (Love Liza) have crafted a pitch-perfect neurotic comedy/romance about learning to like yourself, warts and all.
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