Here One Day

In 1995, Nina Williams Leichter, the brilliant wife of a New York state senator committed suicide by jumping from the 11th floor of her apartment building. Though she had struggled with manic depression, Williams had always been an energetic figure who tried to bring public attention to mental health issues. Her suicide shattered the lives of her family: her husband and two children, Josh and Kathy. Sixteen years later, Kathy Leichter, now a filmmaker, returns to stay in her parents’ apartment. Amid the collected letters, clothes and empty medication bottles, Leichter makes a discovery. In a plastic case, she finds dozens of audio cassettes made by her mother, emotional often rambling messages attempting to understand the madness overwhelming her. Over time, Leichter begins to chronicle, then come to terms with the full depth of her mother’s mental anguish. Here One Day is a powerful personal statement, threading together the disparate strands of Williams’ sorrow, ultimately becoming a moving evocation of life itself.
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