Holy Land

If you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, think again. Holy Land is a documentary that might be unlike anything that has come before. Documenting the lives of those who call the West Bank home, this fascinating film follows three Israelis and three Palestinians over the course of one year. The subjects range widely in terms of background, experience, age and ideology, from an ultra-orthodox Jewish settler to a left-wing Israeli activist to a mayor to a young Palestinian protestor. Gripping from start to finish, Holy Land details their daily lives, their tragedies and their triumphs, their thoughts and views. With an outsider’s perspective and an independent, unaffiliated lens, American director/producer and seasoned documentarian Peter Cohn turns his camera to this project with little bias, documenting all of his subjects with equal weight and depth. Unlike most documentarians which have approached the topic, Cohn’s lack of an obvious agenda and the intimate relationships he forms with his subjects results in candid, thought-provoking interviews that provide new insight and challenge viewers from both sides. An exploration of what might be the most contested piece of geography in the world, Holy Land paints a complex, humanizing portrait of the people who live, fight and sometimes die for the land they consider holy. World Premiere
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