Just 45 Minutes from Broadway

The art form of the actor is ephemeral. It’s not like a painting that can be revisited time and again after its creation. Once the play is over, an actor’s performance is gone forever. It’s partly why actors are so often insecure. They need reassurance from their audience, from their peers and from their family, that their art form actually exists, that they themselves exist. And so legendary independent filmmaker Henry Jaglom (Sitting Ducks, Can She Bake a Cherry Pie?, Eating) has created a film, a lasting tribute to actors and the families who endure them. In this highly dramatic comedy, members of a theatrical family collide with one another with melodramatic flair. Grisha, the patriarch of the family and former star of Yiddish theatre, says he’s writing a book for the public “so they will know we were here.” When one daughter, the only member of the family to reject a life in show business, brings home her “civilian” fiancé (Judd Nelson) after a year of estrangement, all hell breaks loose, complete with major histrionics. What ensues is a day and night fraught with drama as a family of actors, pitched high with emotion, self-consciously and with great gusto play the parts in the drama of their own lives.
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