Love & Taxes

Despite his job assisting a high-powered San Francisco corporate tax attorney, Josh Kornbluth hasn’t filed his own taxes in seven years. Josh has guiltily avoided taxes in part because of his upbringing by a radical father who believed in living “outside the system. radical fahe takes the advice of a charismatic tax lawyer/life coach and finally files his taxes, almost magically things start going well for Josh: His theatrical career takes off, his solo shows are optioned by major Hollywood studios and he and his brother Jake (Jacob Kornbluth, Inequality for All, winner of a Sundance special jury prize) begin making a movie together. He even meets the love of his life, Sara, a charmingly neurotic fan of his one-man show (shot on location at the Marsh in San Franciscoot Mission District). But before they can wed and start a family, Sara insists that Josh address his sorry financial state, and through a series of unfortunate but hilarious events, he discovers that his tax problems have ballooned into a debt nightmare that could threaten everything. Seamlessly blending scenes from Kornbluth’s autobiographical show and semi-fictionalized cinematic reenactments of his life, Love & Taxes is a genre-defying film that will capture your heart and make you never want to do your taxes the same way again. —Alissa Chadburn
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