One Day After Peace

Ten years ago Robi Damelin’s son, a soldier in the Israeli army, was shot and killed by a Palestinian sniper at a military checkpoint in the West Bank. Instead of seeking revenge, Robi writes to her son’s killer, now in an Israeli prison, asking to meet with him to begin a dialogue. When he refuses, Robi sets off on an emotional journey to find forgiveness in herself. Originally from South Africa, she travels home to investigate the methods used for ending apartheid, hoping that she can bring the same peacekeeping tactics home to Israel to begin the healing process and work to end the conflict in the Middle East. Robi ventures between South Africa and Israel, meeting with victims, perpetrators and leaders of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, including the Nobel Peace Prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Through the TRC, victims and perpetrators are able to confront one another, to express remorse and find forgiveness. But what begins as a journey to gain answers leaves Robi with many unanswered questions. Can this method of reconciliation really end the cycle of violence and revenge in Israel and Palestine? And can the victims, and Robi, ever really find forgiveness? You can draw your own conclusions from this fascinating, layered and thought-provoking film.
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