Passengers, The


Leonard Cohen once sang that there was "Nothing left to do when you've got to go on waiting. Waiting for the miracle to come." Ethiopia's more than 9,000 religious Jews eager to make aliyah (declare Israeli citizenship) in the Holy Land are still waiting for that miracle as Israel continues to deny their appeals to citizenship, despite taking in thousands of Jews from Europe and the US. Best friends Demoz and Gezi are not only tired of waiting, they're taking direct action. Though neither have ever set foot outside their humble village of Goran, they begin a monumental journey across the American landscape as unlikely ambassadors. Through intimate access we follow them as they tell their story in hopes of garnering support from prominent Jewish leaders to help pressure the Israeli government into honoring the promise it has never fulfilled. Throughout their journey Demoz and Gezi face not only the extreme pressure of the mission to save their community, but also homesickness and the inevitable trials and difficulties that come from taking on a true grassroots campaign. When news comes that only one of them is approved to immigrate to Israel, the best friends face their greatest challenge as they prepare for their uncertain futures. - Joshua Moore

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