Next Wave @ WinterFest: Romance Analyst

Director Rachel Wortell's wonderfully comic and endearingly odd Romance Analyst chronicles a week in the life of aspiring indie filmmaker Felicia Jewison. Set during a smoldering Brooklyn summer Felicia is at her wits' end as her art and romantic life seem to be going nowhere fast. Enter Max, Felecia's trusty and lovable neurotic sidekick who implores her to pay a visit to his friend Elisabeth who may or may not be a professional albeit unconventional therapist. Felicia soon becomes enamored with Elisabeth, who seems to be everything she could ever want in a friend, therapist and even herself. In a spirited performance, actress Lily Meyer pushes the boundaries of a kaleidoscopic love/friendship triangle. Max and Felicia wander around Brooklyn, chat on park benches, run into friends, and inevitably end up in deep conversations in arcade bars, rooftops and amusement parks. Everyone grows up, but only a few can stay playful and live for today: “you sound clinically insane,” says Felicia to Max, “but I freakin’ love it.” A fresh take on contemporary “adulting,” with a touch of vintage and 90s throwback vibes - poprocks, cotton candy, big gulps and candy bracelets - Romance Analyst illuminates urban life and culture for today’s generation of dreamers and idealists looking to find their footing. 

Guests Invited: Lily Meyer and Peter Vack

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