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Legendary actor Francoise Fabian, best known for her role in Eric Rohmer’s My Night at Maud’s, shines as Rose, a woman who finds herself unmoored upon the death of her husband after 50 years of marriage.  Unaccustomed to living life on her own terms, 78-year-old Rose embarks on this new phase of life with trepidation – a dinner party here, some vodka there, a trip to the spa, even. But when she meets Laurent, a charming restaurateur decades her junior, Rose begins to reconnect with herself and her dormant sensuality, much to the chagrin of her three adult children, who are struggling with  problems of their own.

Aurélie Saada is a singer, songwriter, actor, and filmmaker. In 2007, she co-founded the duo Brigitte, with whom she released five albums, as well as directing all the music videos and staging the shows. Rose, which she directed, wrote and scored, is her first feature film.

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