Shalom Ireland

This fascinating film highlights the problem of maintaining Jewish community in the Diaspora. The little-known history of Irish Jewry begins in the Middle Ages, but the modern Jewish community has its roots in the flight from pogroms in Eastern Europe around the turn of the century. Irish Jews ran guns for the IRA, two generations of Briscoes- featured characters-served as Lord Mayor of Dublin, and the renowned Talmudic scholar Rabbi Isaac Herzog was the first chief rabbi of Ireland, and later became the first chief rabbi of the state of Israel. His son Chaim, born in Ireland, became president of Israel.
Valerie Lapin Ganley is a San Francisco Bay Area filmmaker. For the past eighteen years, she has been making documentaries for television that explore issues concerning race and class. She won an Emmy Award for her work on KQED's Bay Window series for Price of Prosperity: Squeezed Out, which examines how middle income families are struggling to survive in the high tech economy of Silicon Valley. She was Associate Producer for the PBS programs Not In Our Town, the story of the residents of Billings, Montana who joined together to fight against anti-Semitism and white supremacist activity in their community and Digital Divide which looks at whether widespread computer use is creating new opportunities in education and the workplace or deepening social divisions of race and gender and between rich and poor. Shalom Ireland is her feature-length directorial debut. The film was inspired by her discovery that her Lithuanian great-grandparents were the first Jewish couple married in Waterford, Ireland.
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