Sin la Habana

By day, Leonardo teaches salsa to tourists but has dreams of making it as a classical dancer. His girlfriend Sara is an ambitious lawyer but has little opportunity in their lively but poor area of Havana. Together they devise a plan: Leonardo will seduce one of the lonely women in his dance class for immigration papers and a shot at a new life for them both. Fresh from a disastrous marriage, Iranian-Jewish Nasim comes to Cuba to celebrate her new found freedom but quickly becomes ensnared in Leonardo and Sara’s web when she falls for him and arranges for his arrival. When Leonardo touches down in a frigid Montreal winter, he hustles to find work to bring over his true love but is met with cold indifference and an increasingly complicated relationship with both Nasim and Sara. Upon Sara’s arrival in Montreal, Leonardo’s lies threaten to derail their plan, yet Nasim is harboring secrets of her own. A visually striking, poetic exploration of the religious and personal differences at the heart of a cross-cultural relationship.

NOTE: This film is available nationwide

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Bryan Glick