Stay with Us

Approaching his 50th birthday, Gad experiences the traditional mid-life crisis in a most non-traditional manner. In lieu of the convertible or updated wardrobe, Gad becomes entranced by a beautiful young mother: the Virgin Mary. Raised in a traditionalist Sephardic Jewish family, the stand-up comedian has returned to his parents Régine and David’s Parisian nest after three years abroad with a secret confession. In five weeks time, Gad will receive the Catholic sacrament of baptism before officially converting. He seeks counsel on how to deliver the news, but when Régine finds a statue of the Virgin Mary hidden in her son’s suitcase, the jig is up. Eager to return their prodigal son to the flock, Régine and David do what they can to pump the brakes on the endeavor while Gad struggles to impart that this conversion doesn’t lessen his love for his family. Acclaimed comedian Gad Elmaleh writes, directs, and stars in this partly autobiographical story based on his own experiences. A gentle family comedy that includes superb comedic performances from his real-life parents and sister, Stay with Us puts a unique spin on humanity’s age-old search for his own truth.

Bay Area Premiere

Sponsored by The Ullendorff Memorial Foundation


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