The Komediant

This entertaining documentary portrait follows the amazing Burstyn Family, a popular Yiddish vaudeville troupe, on an incredible journey from Europe, through Israel and South America all the way to New York’s Second Avenue. It features on-screen interviews with the totally original Pesach Burstyn, who was discovered in Europe by the great Boris Tomachevsky (grandfather of SF Symphony conductor Michael Tilson Thomas). Rare clips from dramatic films, musicals and family home movies with wife Lilian Lux and children Mike and Susan are interspersed with on-and-off stage gossip about the last remaining icons of Yiddish theater’s Golden Age. The Burstyns are gifted storytellers and this film regales us with funny anecdotes and poignant observations on what it’s like to live as a family of performing artists, constantly on the road. A must-see for lovers of Yiddish musical theater young and old, featuring Fivush Finkel and other stars of the Yiddish stage.
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