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How does a small country like Israel become the world’s third largest weapons manufacturer and exporter? And how does the never-ending fighting in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank help Israel invent, develop and test its military products and innovations before selling them to the highest bidder? The answers to these questions, and many others, are presented in this chilling investigative documentary. Director Yotam Feldman sets on a surreal journey into the unbelievable world of arms dealing and security exporting. With a wry sense of humor and unprecedented access to some of Israel’s biggest arms dealers, all of them retired army generals, he depicts a troubling reality in which the weapons deployed today on the battlefield (like the gun designed to shoot around corners as used by Angelina Jolie in Salt) will be tomorrow’s best-selling products. The film raises important moral issues, and describes with remarkable skill, the system that turns wars into profit and conflicts into billions of dollars.
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