The Law in These Parts

Inventive Israeli filmmaker Ra’anan Alexandrowicz (Inner Tour, SFJFF 2001; James’ Journey to Jerusalem, 2004) conducts a postmodern investigation into the legal system that has governed Palestinians in the West Bank since the 1967 war. Interviewing the judges and lawyers entrusted with interpreting the law, the filmmaker raises the core issue: Can a modern democracy impose a prolonged military occupation on another people while retaining its core democratic values? The finer points of military law that govern the West Bank are discussed with the very people who shaped it. Behind them are projected archival and newsreel footage of the post-1967 era with General Moshe Dayan at a beach in Gaza, then General Ariel Sharon in the West Bank, religious settlers reclaiming what they believe is their Biblical heritage and the arrests and trials of Palestinians. Commanding and compassionate, the film is a self-reflective analysis of a unique legal system that few people really understand. Developed over time, it is the orders, opinions and rulings that tell the story of the law. The film is precisely argued, disciplined and dramatic as it considers the repercussions of this complex and unusual legal framework. Much deserved winner of both Sundance Film Festival’s World Cinema Grand Jury and Jerusalem Film Festival Prizes.
RA'ANAN ALEXANDROWICZ DIRECTOR Date and place of birth: 29.8.1969, Jerusalem, Israel Education: 1992-1996 - Sam Spiegel School for Cinema and Television, Jerusalem Filmography: "The Inner Tour" (2000) A 95 min. Documentary. Available: 35 mm., Video - Beta-SP Broadcasts: TELAD - Israel; BBC- UK; ARTE - Germany/France; VPRO - Holland; SVT-Sweden; YLE-Finland. Main festivals: Berlin 2001; Docaviv 2001 (Special Mention); Idfa 2001; Edinburgh 2001; Vancouver 2001(Special Mention); Sundance 2002; New Directors 2002 (invited); San Francisco 2002; Sarajevo 2002 (invited); "Martin" (1999) A 52 min. Documentary. Available: 35 mm., video - Beta-SP Broadcasts: RESHET - Israel; ARTE - France/Germany; HUMANISTIC / Holland; SVT-Sweden; YLE-Finland; CBC-Canada. Main festivals: Jerusalem 1999 (Winner Wolgin, Doc.); Docaviv 2000 (Winner international, Special Mention ISRAELI competition); Berlin 2000; Input 2000; New Directors 2000; Sheffield 2000; Montreal 2000; Sao Paulo 2000; "On the Other Side of the Tracks" (1999), Available: Video - Beta-SP A 25 Min. Documentary, an episode from the TV series "Zoom"/ For the 2nd Channel Authority, Israel. "Yaldei Halyila" (1998) A 6 min. Music Video For Ehud Banai - NMC Records. "Maharina" (1996) A 5:17 min. Music Video For Ehud Banai - NMC Records. (Second Prize - Haifa Clip Competition) "Self Confidence LTD." (1996) A 21 min. film Available: 16mm. Graduation Project at Sam Spiegel Film School, Jeruslaem. Awards: Lodz Mediaschool - Gran Prix; Krakow Short Film Festival - Third Prize; Torino Short Film Festival - Special Mention.
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