The Prince of Egypt

25th Anniversary Screening 

Director Brenda Chapman expected to attend

SFJFF invites audiences to rediscover this classic for its 25th anniversary. This animated adaptation of the Exodus story features an all-star voice cast, award-winning songs by Stephen Schwartz (Godspell, Wicked), and score by Hans Zimmer. Young Moses (voiced by Val Kilmer) and his brother Rameses (Ralph Fiennes) enjoy their life of privilege, careening around on chariots and getting into trouble with their father, Pharaoh Seti (Patrick Stewart). When Moses discovers his true origins, he embarks on an epic adventure to free his people. Executive producer Jeffrey Katzenberg reportedly pitched the film while at Disney, but the company’s neutral stance on religion prevented the project from moving forward. After founding DreamWorks with Steven Spielberg and David Geffen, his passion project was finally greenlighted. Artists from 34 nations contributed to the spectacular production, and codirector Brenda Chapman (who would later helm Brave at Pixar), became the first woman to direct an animated feature from a major studio. The Prince of Egypt was made with primarily traditional techniques, supplemented by then state-of-the-art computer animation. The combination results in a strikingly cinematic, artistic whole. Even before the parting of the Red Sea, hieroglyphs come to life and overtake Moses in his dreams, tying this modern art form to the oldest kind of visual storytelling. Other voice artists include Sandra Bullock, Danny Glover, Steve Martin, Helen Mirren, and Michelle Pfeiffer. 

Recommended for viewers of all ages.

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