The Producers (2005)

All the singing, dancing, glitz and glamour of the Broadway musical with all the slapstick and one-liners from the comedies of yesteryear are effortlessly infused into The Producers. Five-time Tony-winning choreographer Susan Stroman gets behind the camera and transforms an already outrageously written comedy into something just as hilarious and memorable as Mel Brooks’s source material. Max Bialystock (Nathan Lane) is a Broadway producer with a reputation for consistently churning out flops. Leo Bloom (Matthew Broderick) is a nebbish accountant hired to go over Max’s books. Soon after these two meet Leo plants the idea of embezzlement in Max’s head. Before they know it, their get-rich-quick scheme is hatched. All they have to do is put together the granddaddy of all flops and they’ll be rolling in dough. However, making a disaster isn’t as easy as it seems. Whether you’re drawn to the resiliency of friendship, the devastating caricatures of Nazis or the thrill of watching a star-studded supporting cast (Uma Thurman and Will Ferrell in two of their most overlooked and funniest roles).
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