Tiny Tim: King For A Day


The story about the outcast Herbert Khaury’s rise to stardom as Tiny Tim is the ultimate fairytale. And so is his downfall. Either considered a freak or a genius, Tiny Tim left no one unaffected. Over 45 million Americans watched his wedding to Miss Vicki on the Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show, and his queer personality has been celebrated by countless artists. There were plans and hopes that Tiny Tim would be a lasting star, not only a novelty act. But one man ruined these plans: Tiny Tim. The exclusive access to Tiny Tim’s diaries, and interviews with his family and friends, and creative animation tells the story about one of the oddest stars the world has ever seen. A life of struggle against his skeptical Jewish mother, hostile neighbours, booing audiences, and his battle with mental illness. But also Tim’s fanatical belief that, “One day I will be famous!”

The film will be followed by a Q&A moderated by Joshua Granell, aka Peaches Christ.

Joshua Grannell
is a filmmaker and event producer, as being drag entertainer and cult leader Peaches Christ.  His infamous movie parody shows are self-produced at the Castro Theatre and regularly draw over 1,000 attendees to each new production before they tour.  Events have featured special guest stars John Waters, Cloris Leachman, Bruce Campbell, Barry Bostwick, Pam Grier, and more.  Joshua is the writer and director of the feature film All About Evil.  The award-winning dark comedy gore film stars Natasha Lyonne, Thomas Dekker, Cassandra Peterson, Mink Stole, and Peaches Christ herself. Peaches Christ has been featured in the films Milk, I Am Divine, Diary Of A Teenage Girl, Mansfield 66/67, Scream Queen: My Nightmare On Elm Street, You Don’t Nomi and more. Joshua is also the co-owner of the Into The Dark production company which produces immersive theater, including the hugely popular Terror Vault show at the historic San Francisco Mint building. 

Johan von Sydow is a director and staff producer at SVT:s well renowned arts and culture show “Kobra”. His first two documentaries (MARE KANDRE and THE JUSSI BJOERLING SAGA) were called “the two best Swedish cultural docs in the 2000s” by a leading tv-critic, and his latest (RATATA THROUGH THE 80'S) was, according to another critic, “a benchmark for future Swedish popmusic documentaries”.THE JUSSI BJOERLING SAGA was nominated as “Best documentary” in the Swedish TV-award “Kristallen”. He has studied photography, journalism, acting, Russian, and is also struggling as an amateur standup-comedian.

NOTE: This film is available for streaming throughout WinterFest. The suggested viewing time is Sunday, February 28th at noon. Not Geoblocked.

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