Sibling rivalry can be explosive, but sometimes it smolders quietly. This masterful drama (which took an award at Cannes) tells the story of Jacobo and Herman, two Jewish Uruguayan brothers. Sixty-year-old Jacobo lives alone in Montevideo after the death of his mother, whom he cared for during a long illness. He is deeply attached to his antiquated sock factory and the comfort of his routine. Marta is his longest tenured employee, and, over the decades they have developed a relationship of mutual dependence, despite the formality of their daily interactions. When Herman comes to Uruguay for the first time in 20 years to attend the unveiling of their mother’s tombstone (matzeiva or yahrzeit), Jacobo asks Marta to pretend to be his wife. Marta agrees, hoping that this charade for Herman is more than just an act and allowing herself to dream of being Jacobo’s wife in earnest. But Jacobo, who personifies the word taciturn, is lost in his loneliness and his anger at his brother. When Herman arrives, the three embark on a weekend vacation where their relationships unfold. Jacobo and Herman try to connect emotionally, but festering jealousies and overt competition threaten to extinguish any sparks of brotherly love. Featuring world-class performances by the three actors, Whisky is reminiscent of acclaimed Brazilian director Suzana Amaral’s Hour of the Star in its capacity to play so adeptly with the viewer’s expectations.
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