Who's the Caboose?

This mockumentary (in the tradition of WAITING FOR GUTHMAN, LIVING IN OBLIVION and THIS IS SPINAL TAP) is a delightfully scathing send-up of L.A.’s comedy biz. Susan, a 20-something New Yorker goes out west for "pilot season," when a multitude of aspiring actors vie for scant employment opportunities in network sit-coms. A documentary crew "from NYU Film School" abandons a thesis project about homelessness to follow her. Much to Susan’s delight, the crew has little respect for her privacy, which gives her instant cachet in Hollywood and adds drama to her blundering relationship with her boyfriend Max, who also follows her to L.A., though he is not invited. The road to network fame is a hilarious parade of stressed-out personal assistants, shady agents, ruthless casting agents and turncoat friends. You don’t have to be an insider to laugh with rueful recognition at the travails of young, mostly Jewish actors, who have to compete for roles in coveted television fare as "And Baby Makes Five," or "Don’t Forget Your Mother-in-Law." Cable-television junkies will relish appearances by the best young talent in American comedy, including Andy Dick ("News Radio"), David Cross ("Mr. Show"), Laura Silverman ("Dr. Katz"), star Sarah Silverman ("Seinfeld"), and co-star Jon Benjamin.
Sam Seder is a comedian, writer and director residing in New York City. His directing and writing credits include: a feature-length comedy who's the caboose?, winner of the prestigious Black Diamond Award at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival; Beat Cops, a 1/2 television pilot for Studios USA; and several short films that have aired on MTV and Comedy Central. Sam has also appeared in numerous network pilots and was the lead in Fox's ill-fated, The Show. Recently, Sam has segment produced material for NBC's The Downer Channel and starred in the ABC pilot, The Jim Belushi Show. Currently, Sam is working on two very divergent projects. He is directing and writing his new comedy feature entitled A Bad Situationist. He is also seeking post-production funds for a documentary entitled Adar and The Politics of Good Deeds chronicling a Jewish family's adoption of an Ethiopian boy and the struggle of the Felas-Mura to obtain immigration rights to Israel.
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