June 20 2017: SFJFF37 Screeners Available

Press Screeners Available for the 37th San Francisco Jewish Film Festival

As of 6/20/2017

The following screeners are available streaming online for checkout immediately and through the festival (July 20th - August 6th). If you are unable to view online screeners, we can put you directly in touch with the filmmakers for a possible DVD, but note that options may be very limited. To request screeners, please contact Larsen Associates at Publicity@Larsenassc.com or by phone at (415) 957-1205. Please note that all screener links and passwords are strictly private and are not to be shared or viewed by any person other than the press receiving permission. Thank you. Hold Review films are followed by an "X"

1945 - X
32 Pills: My Sister's Suicide - X
90 Minute War, The
Avanti Popolo
Ben-Gurion, Epilogue
Bending the Arc
Big Sonia
Bobbi Jene - X
Body and Soul: An American Bridge
Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story - X
Boy Downstairs, The - X
Bye Bye Germany
Citizen Schein
Classy Broad, A
Death in the Terminal
F Word, The
Fanny's Journey - X
Fritz Lang
Futures Past Gilbert - X
Guys Next Door, The
Heather Booth: Changing the World Home Port
House of Z
I'm Okay
In Between - X
Intent to Destroy
Levinsky Park
Little Stones
Love is Thicker Than Water - X Moos - X
More Alive Than Dead
Mr. Predictable
Paradise - X
Quiet Heart, A
Red Trees, The
Stranger in Paradise
Tracking Edith

116 Cameras
Bagels in the Blood
Be Happy Tonight
Cantor and the Sea, The
Facing the Wall
Hinda and Her Sisterrrz
Kid Yamaka
Last Blintz
Mr. Bernstein
Transfer, The

Ticket Information, Festival Dates and Public Contact Numbers
The 37th San Francisco Jewish Film Festival will take place July 20th - August 6th, 2017. For more information, visit the SFJFF website at www.sfjff.org or contact jewishfilm@sfjff.org. For Box Office information, please contact boxoffice@sfjff.org or call 415.621.0568.