Livestreamed events will be available to either join via Zoom, or watch in the Digital Screening Room. Patrons will recieve links to the JFI Screening Room the week of the event, where they will be able to log in and view all registered and purchased screenings.

To join an event via Zoom, a link will be sent to the RSVP'd email address the week of the event. All participants will be on mute, with the ability to interact via the text chat options. These events will be simulcast to the JFI Screening Room and uploaded for later viewing.

Please ensure that you download the latest Zoom client and have tested your computer video and audio prior to any events.


Chromecast – With a Google Chromecast device, you can 'cast' directly to your television from any compatible app or device. Chromecast is built into many smart tvs, and also available as additional hardware.

  • You can stream films on Chromecast by 'casting' from your smartphone, tablet, or computer on the same Wi-Fi network. For information on using your Chromecast, click here. 

AirPlay – Screen sharing is available using your Apple AirPlay enabled device or SmartTV (most Samsung TVs)Instructions for screen sharing from an Apple device using your Apple TV using AirPlay can be found here. 

HDMI Cable – Using a special cable available at many stores, you can connect your computer or mobile device to your television. 

  • If you have a laptop or nearby computer with an HDMI port, you can connect it directly to your television, using it as a second or external monitor. Some laptops or computers require special adaptors or dongles to connect to the HDMI cable. The details will depend on your setup. We recommend referencing your television and computer manuals for more information. 

With the shift to online, the Jewish Film Institute has had to create new digital agreements with filmmakers and distributors, and those agreements included limiting online streaming access to California for several film titles. This is called geo-blocking. Streaming is geo-blocked to California, so you will need to be within the state to stream those films. 


JFI has been working with Drive-In staff and according to public health and safety guidelines in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all. We are counting on you to do your part. For everyone’s health and safety please note the following:

  • Upon arrival, venue staff or JFI volunteers will direct you to a parking space once your ticket is scanned through your car window. Cars will be parked 10 feet apart to allow for appropriate social distancing.
  • Please remain in your car except for using the restrooms or to buy concessions. If you leave your car, you are required to wear a face covering and maintain six feet distance from others not in your family unit or pod.
  • When buying concessions or waiting for the restroom, please maintain social distancing and stay at least 6 feet apart from those in line and around you.
  • Restrooms, which are ADA accessible, allow only one person at a time and will be frequently cleaned throughout the evening by an attendant.
  • Please bring your own hand sanitizer
  • The film audio is quality FM stereo sound that is tuned directly through your car’s FM stereo.
  • Turn your key to accessory mode to keep your stereo on during the introduction and film.
  • Please turn off your car and your headlights once you are parked. This will assure that you and others will see and hear the film clearly and avoid unnecessary exhaust.
  • If you do not have an FM stereo, please bring a portable radio or boom box. There is no other way to hear the sound except through an FM radio.
  • Free car-jumping is available for those who may need it.
  • While ADA bathrooms are available, very limited ADA parking is available and not guaranteed, so please keep that in mind when you make your plans.
  • There will be no trash or recycling receptacles available at the theater; you will need to carry out all trash and recycling with you.
  • When the film is over, cars will leave in an orderly way row by row. If you need to leave early, please let a staff person know so that they may escort you out.
  • Please note that no tickets will be available on site for purchase; all attendees must purchase a ticket in advance.
  • Patrons who do not follow rules will be asked to leave with no refunds.
  • If you feel ill or are experiencing flu-like symptoms of any kind, such as fever, shortness of breath, aches and pains, or loss of taste or smell, please refrain from coming to the Drive-In events.

Checking In

  • Do not arrive before the published gate open time. There will be no early entry.
  • Please print your ticket or be able to show an email confirmation on your phone to Box Office staff at the gate through a closed car window.


  • Cars are placed first-come, first served.
  • ADA restrooms are available on-site but ADA parking is extremely limited, please indicate your needs during ticket checkout process.
  • You must have a car in order to attend screening. Due to Covid-19 we are restricted to in car viewing only.
  • After the film cars are to follow traffic attendants and exit row by row. If you need to leave early please find an attendant to escort you out safely.