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Summer Days FAQ's

What is Cinegogue Summer Days? 
Cinegogue Summer Days is a 4-day re-imagined festival experience consisting of Drive-In movies and online film screenings and events offered to our audiences July 16-19, 2020. Film screenings will include special live and pre-recorded intros, Q&A’s, Zoom conversations and celebrations that will provide an opportunity for our community to come together. After all, the summer is not the same without a Jewish Film Festival! 

Does this take the place of the 40th Anniversary San Francisco Jewish Film Festival this
No! We are looking forward to a 40th Anniversary Festival when we are able to safely gather together again. Our first priority is to be mindful of the health and welfare of our audiences, filmmakers, staff, community partners and volunteers, so we are working closely with local authorities to offer programs in keeping with the current guidelines for gathering.

Additional FAQs

Do I have to watch an online screening at the listed start time? 
Your online ticket allows you access to screen the film program at any time during the 4-day celebration. However, the listed program time is when any special live introductions, post-film Q&A’s and conversations will take place, so we are encouraging everybody to watch “live” together and participate in the pre- and post-film offerings, just like in the cinema. For those who choose to screen the program at a later time, we plan to archive many of these special program enhancements so they can be experienced by everybody.

How do I watch a Q&A's for a film?
This will be a link that is clickable on the viewing platform after watching your film.

Can I watch online screenings from anywhere? 
The Cinegogue Summer Days online film screenings are available to patrons in California with the exception of Broken Barriers (KHAVAH) which is a one-time only ephemeral event that can be accessed anywhere. The conversations, celebrations and Q&A’s are open to all.

Can I stop and start while screening? 
You may interrupt your screening, as long as you complete your viewing withing 24 hours.

How do I buy a ticket?
Most of the programs are free of charge as a service to the community. We suggest a donation in order to ensure that JFI can continue to bring you ongoing and future programs. Tickets for the Drive-In films can only be purchase online, printed out at home and placed in the window of your car. Broken Barriers (KHAVAH) ticket will generate a link to view the film at the designated start time.

Does my membership count toward tickets to Cinegogue Summer Days?
We are extending all membership benefits through December of 2020 for all program, whether presented in July or later.

How are my member benefits changing? 
Most membership benefits, including early access to ticket sales and discounted tickets. Please consult the Membership Page for details. 

Can online screenings sell out?  
They may. Just as with our in-cinema screenings, there are often capacity limits, established by film distributors and producers, that we are obliged to adhere to. So, getting your tickets early (a member benefit!) is a good idea.

Who do I contact if I have an issue?
You can email our Box Office at boxoffice@jfi.org or call 415-621-0568 

Note: Technical details about online screening (streaming platforms, how to use links and passes, what kinds of registration or passwords are required, etc.) will be answered closer to the screening dates. Additional How To information is available here. 

Viewing the Films

When should I arrive at the drive-in for my movie?
Ticket holders should arrive 60 minutes prior to show-time to guarantee admission. Ticket holders arriving less than 15 minutes prior to showtime cannot be guaranteed a space, even with a ticket.

When should I watch my virtual movie?
JFI Video On Demand (VOD) options are available for 48 hours starting July 16th.Once a ticket is purchased or reserved, the film can be viewed anytime between July 16-19. You will have 24 hours to view the film once started. Click here for additional information and FAQs about the Virtual Screening Room for Cinegogue Summer Days.


Cinegogue Summer Days is held July 16 – July 19, and is largely digital. There are three screenings at West Wind Drive-In. Two in Concord and one in San Jose. 

Virtual Screenings with Q&A's will have the Q&A's ASL interpreted and captioned.

West Wind Drive-In 
The West Wind Drive-In, hosting Truth To Power: Barbara Lee Speaks for Me and On Broadway is an accessible venue. The bathrooms are ADA applicant.  There are flat parking spots available.

Code of Conduct

Jewish Film Institute (JFI) welcomes a diversity of opinion and ideas to Cinegogue Summer Days. In doing so, JFI is committed to providing our audiences, guests, and partners an experience that is free of harassment and discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender performance, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, class, age, or ability. JFI has a zero tolerance policy regarding harassment, threatening behavior, rule breaking, and violence for any reason. We reserve the right to revoke, without notice or refund, tickets, passes, credentials, or access to Cinegogue Summer Days events and venues. Our aim is to create a safe and welcoming environment for all who wish to attend the screenings and other events that are part of the Summer Days event.

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