Reality Bites: Documentary Shorts

This collection of nonfiction short films take on truth telling with verve. Addressing the entwined histories of antisemitism and white supremacy, gently exploring the contours of parental bereavement, documenting the complex and biased process of citizenship application for Arab residents of East Jerusalem, highlighting the artistic achievements of the legendary Barbara Streisand, and complicating the idea of the role of the public defender are all tall tasks to which these short filmmakers rise. Using observational, meditative, bombastic, and creative approaches, these shorts are varied in form and style, but cohesive in their dogged efforts to bring important truths to light. This collection is sure to dazzle with artistic approaches and provoke deep thought and reflection with their insight, rigor, and vibrant participants.


Center of Life
Greatest Star
Public Defender
The Speed Of The Distance Between Us
We've Been Here Before

Greatest Star is sponsored by the Hebrew Free Loan Association of San Francisco

We've Been Here Before is sponsored by the Pearce Family


Friday August 2, 2024
3:30 p.m.
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