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Talk Amongst Yourselves, Host a Watch Party!

It's easy to talk amongst yourselves (and with filmmakers, thought leaders and activists), from the comfort of your own home or college campus when you tune into a JFI live-streamed event. Organize your own watch party and use specially curated discussion questions and recommended articles to dive deep into the important issues.

Host a Women's History Month Watch Party

Watch Party Hosting Tips

Do you know more than a few Gloria Allred superfans? Invite them for a Seeing Allred watch party for a behind-the-scenes look at the life, career and values of one of the great advocates for social justice and equality today. 

Simply follow these 9 easy steps to host a successful Talk Amongst Yourselves watch party:

1) Pick a place 
Secure an event space. It can be as simple as your living room.

2) Plan your guest list
Determine the size of your Talk Amongst Yourselves watch party. Invite your people - family, friends, colleagues, community members, fellow congregation members. Be sure to track your RSVPs.

3) Communication is key

  • Calls, texts, emails and in-person invitations to friends, family and colleagues.
  • Create a Facebook event, inviting your friends and ask other attendees to invite theirs.
  • Flyers in public places like JCC boards, coffee shops, and synagogues. Feel free to use our sample flyer.
  • Track your RSVPs with an online RSVP tool or form (like EventBrite or a Google form), a spreadsheet you maintain yourself or even a good old-fashioned pen and paper list.

4) Create an agenda
Plan the evening and let your attendees know what to expect.

Here's a sample agenda:

  • INTRODUCTION - 10 min: Allow participants to introduce themselves
  • VIEWING - 1.75 hours: Watch Seeing Allred on Netflix and JFI Executive Director Lexi Leban's post-film discussion with director Roberta Grossman from JFI WinterFest 2018.
  • DISCUSSION - 15-30 min: Lead a post-viewing follow up discussion with the group. Be sure to use our Seeing Allred Educational Resources.

5) Bring the nosh
Once you have an idea of how many people are attending your watch party, decide what other supplies you'll need for the event, including food and drink.

6) Testing testing
Check that the technology works so that everything runs smoothly on the evening of the event. Need help streaming the film and video Q&A to your TV? Email for technical support.

7) Send a reminder
Everyone is busy so reminding guests of your Talk Amongst Yourselves event the week before and especially the day of is really important. This can take the form of an email, text, phone call, or Facebook post. Whatever you feel works best as a reminder will work!

8) Enjoy the event!
Make sure that everyone - including yourself - has a great time at your party!

9) Share your photos and comments
Remember to use #JFIWatchParty when sharing your selfies, photos and comments about the Talk Amongst Yourselves screening of Seeing Allred.

Hosting is easy!

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