Everything is Fine

EVERYTHING IS FINE is a highly original evocation of contemporary Jewish life in post-Soviet Ukraine. It playfully presents the search for new Jewish identity against the surreal backdrop of the Soviet Jewish past. By intercutting spirited Yiddish musical productions with disturbing documentary footage of recent anti-Semitic attacks, the film captures the Jewish philosophy of finding joy in the most tragic of moments. By juxtaposing the stories of Jews who have decided to stay with footage of those who are leaving loved ones behind for the promise of a new life abroad, EVERYTHING IS FINE shows that both alternatives are bittersweet. In one of many interviews with Jewish musicians and artists, a violinist sums up the irony of Jewish life with his observation that happy Yiddish songs are written in minor keys while unhappy ones are in major keys. Includes a healthy dose of sarcasm and kitsch, and a fantastic soundtrack that inspires audiences to clap along. Grand Prize, 1993 Munich Documentary Film Festival; 1994 Jerusalem Film Festival.
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