Forbidden Dreams

Leo Popper is a happy family man living in rural Bohemia in the years preceding the Nazi invasion. Out of economic necessity he moves with his family to the big city and becomes an enterprising vacuum cleaner salesman. There he embarks on a series of adulterous adventures, has encounters with boxing pros and famous portrait artists, and schemes to purchase the perfect pond to fulfill his passion for fishing. When the Nazis gain control, the comedy turns sour - he loses his lake, his job, and finally, his family. Director Karel Kachyna, well-known in Czechoslovakia, creates a completely alternative image of the Eastern European Jew in Leo Popper - a proud and attractive country bumpkin whose dreams of paradise are as impossible to obtain as the carp swimming beneath his frozen lake. 1987 Berlin Film Festival; 1987 Moscow Film Festival; 1987 Czechoslovak Film Critics Award; 1988 American Film Institute Festival.
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