The Partisans of Vilna

Resistance takes many forms, but it must always be a matter of personal choice. As World War II raged, a growing number of Jewish men and women - hungry, sick, and full of grief - chose to risk their lives by resisting the fascists. Some sought an honorable death. Others were committed because of an inner voice that said, "Let the living never give up hope." It began with smuggling food, then guns. Boys set fire to warehouses, girls blew up trains. Some wrote poetry and songs that filled hundreds with hope. PARTISANS OF VILNA is an outstanding chronicle of the development of the underground Jewish resistance during the war. It celebrates the inspiration and courage of these young people, and conveys the moral dilemmas they faced both in the ghettos and in the woods. PARTISANS is about choice and responsibility. It is a riveting, disturbing and inspiring film.
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