Abe's Manhood

Twenty-four-year-old Abraham Evans is anxious to define himself once and for all as an adult, as a man. To this end, he has devised his own personal rite of passage. This wonderfully original short feature ponders the meaning of tradition in post-modern society and casts a satiric eye on spirituality in West Coast culture. "Offers bittersweet insight into the dread of growing up and facing the world.... Prompts both smiles and winces." - Toronto Star
Aubrey Nealon was born and raised in New Denver, British Columbia. He moved to Vancouver as a teen and embarked on a brief career as an actor, playing such roles as Olaf on the teen soap opera "Fifteen". In 1995, Aubrey enrolled in the Foundation Film program at the Vancouver Film School. Upon graduating he received a Kick Start Grant-an award offered to promising young directors by Telefilm and the Directors Guild of Canada-and directed the short comedy "House Arrest", which has played at several international festivals and was broadcast by CBC and Knowledge Network.
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