Across Time and Space

Welcome to a world of ideas and ideals that democracy and tolerance begins within the institutions that educate the next generation. The Marienau School in Germany and the Roeper School in America were founded by the German Jewish Bondy Family to teach children to find success in solving problems through tolerant, nonviolent, workable school democracy. The tragic events of the Holocaust increased the family’s dedication to their mission, that equal rights for all people – particularly children —should be a priority. Eighty-year-old Annemarie Bondy Roeper, compared to Maria Montessori, lives in the Bay Area and links generations. She felt the urgency to have this story told when she learned of the Roeper School’s intent to publish a history without including the family’s Jewish Holocaust experience.
Kathryn Golden holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in filmmaking from the San Francisco Art Institute and is a founding partner of Searchlight Films, Berkeley, California. Ms. Golden has developed and written award-winning proposals amd scripts resulting in the production of films; alternately edited and consulted in the post-production of motion picture and videotape programs. Golden has created, produced and directed a continuing series of award-winning programs and commercials promoting the arts for the city of San Francisco.
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