After the End of the World

This unusual romantic tale provides a rare glimpse into Bulgaria’s richly textured ethnic heritage. Berto, a world-famous Israeli scholar of Byzantine history, flies back to his native Bulgaria for a conference in the Balkans. There, he meets Araxi, his long-lost childhood sweetheart. They reminisce about their childhood adventures and evoke a lost world of Gypsy and Turkish musical celebrations at which the town’s rabbi and the orthodox priest share jokes over a game of backgammon. The film is replete with colorful interactions between townspeople: Armenians, Greeks, Gypsies, Jews, Turks and ethnic Bulgarians. These communities lived together in relative harmony before World War II. As the lovers’ relationship renews itself, the bittersweet past is echoed in the events of the present. Leading Bulgarian actor Stefan Danailov’s powerful screen presence is a discovery for American audiences.
-Film Director and Script Writer. Born in Kazanlak-31.07.1940. -Graduate the Lodz Film School in Poland as a student of Andrzej Wajda. -Professor Lecturer in the Nationat Academy for Film and Theatre Arts "VITIZ". -Since march 1997-Member of the European Film Academy FULL LENGTH FEATURE FILMS ON 35MM. "MEMORY" (Spomen)-1974 90 MIN.35MM. colour /Film Bulgaria/ Locarno Film Festival-Jury Prize 1975 Selected for San Remo Festival "STARS IN THE HAIR - TEARS IN THE EYES" (Zvezdi v kosite salzi v ochite)-1977 110MIN.35MM./Film Bulgaria/ Script written by Angel Wagenstein. Acclaimed by critics as best film at the following festivals: "Golden Orange"-Antalia Film Festival Official Selection London Film Festival Sydney,Bangalore,Belgrade "BOOMERANG"(Bumerang) 110 MIN.35MM./Film Bulgaria/ 1978 Selected for Locarno Film Festival "PLAY FOR A KING"(Zarska piesa) 1980 90MIN.35MM./Film Bulgaria/ " THE LONELY PEOPLE BALL"(Balat na samotnite) -1981 90 MIN.35MM. Stopped by Bulgarian Censorship " THEATER EVENING"(Teatralna vecher)-1982 45min.35mm "THE BLACK SWANS" (Chernite lebedi)- 1984 103 MIN.35MM Selected for Munich Festival "IVAN AND ALEXANDRA" (Ivan i Alexandra)- 1988 80 MIN.35MM. In Competition at Berlin Film Festival 1988 "Golden Plague"-Chicago Film Festival 1988 Special Prize of the Jury-Montecatini -Italy 1989 Grand Prix "Golden Rose"Varna,Bulgaria October 1988 In selection for:Tokyo,Los Angeles,Paris, Cambridge,Cairo,Denver,Jerusalem,Rennes, Laon,Singapore Film Festivals. "THE FUNNY ADVENTURES OF A BULGARIAN IN EUROPE" (Bai Ganio-neveroiatnite prikluchenia na edin bulgarin v Evropa)-1991 91min,35mm. in coproduction with "Tempel" Production -Austria In 1993 wan the audience prize for highest box office. "LOVE DREAMS" (Liubovni sanishta)-1994 90min.35mm. in coproduction with EXPRESSION FILM PRODUCTION -Italy Inspired by Stefan Zweig. Jury prize for best artistic achievment"Golden Vitiaz"-Moscow1995 Prize for best film director of the Union of Bulgarian Film Makers in the last two years 1994 and 1995. Selected for the Film Festivals in Montpellier, Belgrade,Bredford,Laon ,Antwerp. WORLD SALES:SACIS International Rome Italy " GOLEMANOV "(Golemanov)-1995 TV drama-80 min Author of many documentaries,short feature films for TV and cinema,as well as theatre plays. "AFTER THE END OF THE WORLD"(Sled kraia na sveta)-1999 Distributed by:Progress Film Verleih -Gemnay coproduction with 'Saxonia Media" Germany and Greece Panorama Berlinale- 1999 Oficial Competition Karlovy Vary Panorama - Moscow World Sales - Progress Film Verleih
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