Deadly Currents

From the front-lines of the Intifada, Simcha Jacobovici gives us a vivid, disturbing, close-up picture of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Filmed without narration, without one politician, and without a conclusion, DEADLY CURRENTS alternates between soldiers, rebels, fanatics, intellectuals, artists, mothers and children on both sides, giving us a stunning composite picture of occupation and uprising. This is the only film to include an interview with a member of the United Leadership of the Intifada as well as an interrogation of a "collaborator" by fellow Palestinians. Most striking is wild-eyed street performer Juliano Mor, half Jewish and half Arab, whose in-your-face utterances against fascists and radical disenchantment with both sides embodies the violent energy and the cries for peace that exist side by side in the Middle East.
Simcha Jacobovici is a documentary director and producer. His numerous international awards include a Certificate of Special Merit from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, a Genie Award, A Gold Medal from the International Documentary Festival of Nyon, and two U.S. Cable Ace Awards. His most recent credits include DEADLY CURRENTS, BONES OF CONTENTION, A CHILD'S GRIEF, THE PLAGUE MONKEYS, NORTHERN JUSTICE, EXPULSION AND MEMORY: DESCENDANTS OF HIDDEN JEWS, THE PLAGUE FIGHTERS / EBOLA: INSIDE AN OUTBREAK and JEWS IN RUSSIA: AN AMERICAN HOLY WAR. A 1953 Israeli-born Canadian, Mr. Jacobovici who speaks four languages, left Israel as a child and returned as an adult to serve in the Israeli military. He studied Philosophy at McGill University and holds an M.A. in International Relations from the University of Toronto.
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