Emma Goldman: The Anarchist Guest

This documentary fondly portrays a feisty Jewish woman whose disdain for authoritarianism was best expressed by the phrase, "If I can't dance, its not my revolution." Canadian sociologist and filmmaker Coleman Romalis explores Emma's political life as well as her remarkably liberated private life, including her often stormy relationships with younger men. J. Edgar Hoover pronounced Emma Goldman "The most dangerous anarchist in this country" after he arrested her and deported her to Russia in 1919. She continued her crusades in Russia, Spain and Britain before finally setlling in Canada.
Coleman Romalis is a Canadian, who wears two hats: he's a sociology professor at York University in Toronto, specializing in race, ethnicity, and communication studies. At the same time, He's a film and video maker, with three completed documentaries. (1) The most recent is EMMA GOLDMAN: THE ANARCHIST GUEST (2000). Coleman Romalis: writer, director, producer. Editor: David Stein. Music: Ken Whiteley. Sound Mix: Doug Wright. Running time: 42 minutes. This film has appeared in many festivals, and in March, 2001 was broadcast by KQED (the PBS station in San Francisco). (2) In May 1994, he completed A LOT TO SHARE. Coleman Romalis: writer and co-producer. Karen Shopsowitz: director and co-producer. Cinematographer: Antonin Lhotsky. Music: Danny Greenspoon. Half-hour documentary on the relationship between a Shi'ite Mosque and a Reform Synagogue in the Toronto area. For years, they have quietly cooperated in a shared parking lot, and have explored inter-congregational visits, right through the Gulf War and after. This documentary was aired nationally in Canada on the VisionTV Network. In 1996 it was awarded Honorable Mention for the Lindheim Prize at Jewish Video Competition, Judah L. Magnes Museum, Berkeley. (3) June 1980--CHILDBIRTH. Coleman Romalis and Shelly Romalis: writers, narrators, and co-producers. Half-hour documentary on the culture and medical aspects of childbirth, produced in cooperation with York University, Toronto. Aired on CFMT-TV in Toronto, and TVOntario regionally.
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