Jews in Shorts: Documentary Program I

This year’s assortment of eclectic and potent documentary shorts takes us all over the world: from New York and California, to Germany, Israel, and Poland. From a street name used to memorialize the death of a child to actors performing as a Sephardic immigrant at a museum, each film displays unique moments of love and loss.

Running Order

Your Street

On the outskirts of Bonn, a desolate street is named after the four-year-old victim of a neo-Nazi attack long forgotten.

The Victorias

Seven museum “costumed interpreters” reflect on the personal and institutional impact of performing as Victoria, a 14-year Sephardic immigrant, in 1916.

How to Bury Your Mother During a Pandemic

A director documents his friend’s early stages of grief shortly after the death of his mother.

Our Nappy Hair

Three women, three hair salons and three different but strikingly similar stories about Black identity, the suppression of nappy hair and mainstream notions of ideal beauty.

Favorite Daughter

A grandmother, a mother and a daughter (the filmmaker) quarantine together in a Tribeca apartment and reflect on their past relationships.

Holding Moses

After the birth of her profoundly disabled son, a butch queer woman taps into her experiences with Butoh dance and the off-Broadway show Stomp to find the somatic wisdom she needs to push through a traumatic version of motherhood she never expected.

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