Jews in Shorts: Narrative Program I

This collection of powerful works of fiction pack an emotional punch and share one thing in common: the legacy of the Holocaust. These artful short films feature Yiddish music sung in the Lodz ghetto, absurd dances performed in the Cabaret Terezin, a young violinist and resistance fighter, a Polish girl digging through the remnants of an extermination camp, and two girls auditioning to perform as Anne Frank.

Running Order

The Waltz

Featuring a Yiddish poem sung to children in the Lodz ghetto, this animated short expresses the poet’s nostalgia for his homeland, and the fragility of life.


Two actresses, one Black and one white, audition to play Anne Frank, prompting the controversial question: Who is best suited for the role?

Entrance of Pink Elephants

Josef, an artist of the Jewish Cabaret Terezin, performs an absurd dance with his dog Kasper for an audience in Germany.

Did You Hear the Trees?

Local Polish children set out to find a treasure hidden behind the forest only to discover the remnants of an extermination camp.


Inspired by a true story, 12-year-old violinist Mitka must carry out a Ukrainian partisan attack on SS officers, risking the life of his friend and teacher.

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