Jews in Shorts: Narrative Program II

Relationships, romantic and familial, are the glue that binds these superb narrative shorts together. Set in homes, synagogues, and horse stables, these films showcase love affairs that have run their course, diametrically opposed sisters, overbearing parents, and absent ones. When situations go awry, characters ranging from the ultra-Orthodox to the secular navigate contemporary religious rituals, love, and loss in nuanced ways.

Running Order

Daddy's Girl

A charming but overbearing father, played by Peter Friedman (Succession), helps his daughter (Tedra Millan, Fosse/Verdon) move out of her wealthy older boyfriend's apartment.

Sponsored by Jennifer Fatalevich Rosenthal and Andrew Rosenthal

You Can Stay Here if You Want

In this dramatic comedy, a couple breaks up just as New York City locks down. Will the pandemic bring them back together?
Director Sarah Rosen expected to attend

Sunday with Monica

Two young sisters from an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community encounter secular society when they meet their divorced father’s equestrian girlfriend for the first time.

Minyan Duty

A week after their mother’s death, Leah and Ariel, two sisters with diametrically opposed views and personalities, wait for another person to join their evening service in this moving comedy.

Sponsored by Hebrew Free Loan


When the Bar Mitzvah boy locks himself in a room, a Turkish Jewish family must balance observing Shabbat with getting him to the ceremony.


Struggling with addiction and her relationship with her mother, Omer discovers she’s pregnant and tries to use it to lure back her ex.

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