My Awkward Sexual Adventure

The raunchy yet surprisingly sweet romantic comedy My Awkward Sexual Adventure is one part Judd Apatow and two parts Farrelly Brothers, with a dash of Woody Allen thrown in for good measure. Jordan, a nerdy Winnipeg accountant (writer/actor Jonas Chernick), is so unimaginative in bed that his exasperated girlfriend has begun to nod off during sex. When the desperately codependent Jordan proposes marriage to his frustrated partner she breaks up with him and cancels their carefully planned vacation to Niagara Falls. Jordan decides to get away and goes to Toronto, and after a drunken night on the town wakes up on the couch of a wise and charming stripper, Julia (the lovely Emily Hampshire). Julia, as hopeless at finance as Jordan is in the sack, strikes a bargain where she agrees to be the accountant’s sexual Yoda in exchange for getting her books in order. Sensual massage, bondage and cross-dressing ensue, leading to a hilarious, unexpected reunion between Jordan and his childhood rabbi. As Jordan’s ex connives to take him back, Julia finds herself falling for the bumbling accountant after he demonstrates his new-found sexual prowess on a hollowed out cantaloupe. Definitely not for the easily embarrassed, this smart and sexy indie comedy was an audience favorite at the Toronto Film Festival.
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