Not Going Quietly - Take Action Spotlight

Presented by the JFI Social Change Teen Fellows

Ady Barkan and his wife Rachael always said they were the luckiest people they knew. A rising star in political organizing and new father, Ady had his whole life in front of him. But four months after his son Carl is born, 32-year old Ady is diagnosed with ALS, a deadly disease that will ultimately paralyze his entire body. Despairing at the loss of decades of happiness with his family, Ady decides to return to his roots as an activist. Traveling to protest a bill that will cut into the healthcare programs he needs to survive, Ady chances to meet a powerful senator on an airplane. The conversation is captured on video, goes viral, and catapults him into the public eye. Capitalizing on the power of his new platform, Ady launches the Be A Hero campaign to fight for healthcare justice. With a diverse group of activists he barnstorms across the country in a wheelchair-accessible RV, building a people-powered movement. As Ady's natural voice fades, his influence grows, transforming him into one of the most powerful activists in America. But as he learns to wield his newfound power, he must also learn to adapt as a father and husband. As Ady nears the end of his life, he seeks to form a lasting bond with Carl, while also creating a better world for him to inherit. NOT GOING QUIETLY is a powerful and emotional documentary that you will never forget. 2021 SXSW Audience Award for Documentary Feature and Special Jury Recognition for Humanity in Social Action.

NOTE: THIS FILM WILL HAVE A LIVE FILMMAKER CONVERSATION LED BY THE JFI SOCIAL CHANGE TEEN FILM FELLOWS ON MONDAY JULY 26th at 2:00pm. Please return to this page 1:30pm on the 26th to prepare to watch the live conversation.

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Meet the JFI Social Change Teen Fellows at the live with the filmmakers and Ady Barkan on July 26th at 2:00 PM PT streaming here on this page and on Facebook   

NOTE: This film is available nationwide

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