Run Boy Run

Srulik is running for his life. Literally. The eight-year-old Jewish boy flees the Nazis on foot as they hunt him and other Jews who have sought refuge in the forests of wartime Poland. His once happy family is now dead or dispersed, and to survive Srulik has to forage for food in the woods and sleep on the forest floor. Calling himself Jurek, he pretends to be a gentile who has been orphaned by the war. With this ruse he is welcomed into the homes of peasants and farmers to share a simple family meal and claim a spot in the barn or by the hearth. Run Boy Run, based on a true story, is a rare Holocaust narrative told exclusively through the eyes of a child. It chronicles Srulik’s remarkable efforts to evade capture, ward off starvation and honor his father’s desperate plea to survive at all costs but to never forget that he is a Jew. In the process, the film raises important questions regarding faith, identity and the source of the blind prejudice that turns so easily into dehumanizing hate. Run Boy Run is a remarkable testament to the human will to survive against all odds. Northern CA Premiere
w/English Subtitle
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