Take the A Train

After a recent break-up, talented jazz pianist Yishai returns home from living abroad to visit his family in Israel. While his doting parents welcome him with open arms, Yishai finds himself drawn into his younger brother’s chaotic existence, replete with a host of characters from his former life. In search of something to keep himself grounded, he tries reconnecting with the often delightful but sometimes awkward elements of his past. Each experience, from contentious dinners to nights out partying, forces Yishai to reconsider his future. Inevitably, he discovers that the old adage, you can never really go home again, might just be true. In their debut as a directorial team, Yair Asher and Itamar Lapid, draw inspiration from their muse, jazz, as they navigate the subtle, unspoken emotions of estranged siblings with a deft hand and keen eye. A delicate exploration of the fractures that arise in the wake of family trauma, Take the A Train revels in smoky dive bars and basks in the sunlit side streets of Tel Aviv while painting a layered portrait of an artist struggling to understand his own path forward.

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