The Binding of Itzik

 ‘The Binding of Itzik’ follows Itzik, a middle aged Hasidic man who is the only one in his strictly religious family to never have married. He lives in the basement of his brother and sister-in-law’s house in Brooklyn, where he makes a very small living as a book binder and repairman of old Holy books, and leads a generally quiet existence. One day, as he’s searching on craigslist for book binding materials, he stumbles across an ad offering ‘binding lessons for submissive women.’ On an impulse, he responds to it, and soon becomes entangled in an emotionally intense BDSM relationship with the stranger on the internet known to us only as “MeatMaster500.” Taking on the identity of an unhappily married woman he dubs ‘Serena’, Itzik divulges his darkest sexual fantasies to MeatMaster500, all the while trying to keep the relationship a secret from his deeply religious brother, Moishe, and simultaneously fending off the well-intentioned attempts of his sister-in-law, Ruchel, to find him a nice middle-aged Hasidic wife. 

Playing as part of the JEWS IN SHORTS: NARRATIVES showcase

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Anika Benkov