The Last Suit


Some people are their own worst enemies, but with determination and sincerity, they can still achieve their goals. Such is Abraham, an 88-year-old tailor, a Holocaust survivor, who has waited decades to fulfill a promise to a distant friend and now feels that to make his life whole, he must follow through on his commitment. As a young man in Lodz during the war, a friend saved his life. Abraham escaped to freedom in Buenos Aires, promising someday to return. Abraham’s relatives (in their Spanish-accented Yiddish) have sold his belongings and are trying to force him into a nursing home. The old man escapes, and with a suit he made for his old friend in hand, starts out on his last road trip. This is quite a task for a cantankerous old man in shaky health who refuses to say the word “Poland” or set foot on German soil. He clashes with relatives, immigration officials, traveling companions and everyone else whose help he needs. But Abraham seems to be mysteriously blessed, as the very people he fights with become his guardian angels, helping him each step along the way. In a heartfelt performance, Miguel Ángel Solá creates an Abraham who is difficult to like, but impossible not to love. –Miguel Pendás

Pablo Solarz is the writer of two of the top box office successes ever in Argentina.  A Boyfriend for my Wife (Un novio para mi mujer) a remake sold in multiple countries, and I Married a Dumbass (Me casé con un boludo).  He also co-wrote the Goya award winning Intimate Stories (Historias mínimas) for which he also won the Argentinean Film Critics Association award for Best Original Screenplay. Solarz has written over 12 films and 2 television series. The Last Suit, Solarz second feature film that he directed as well as wrote, is his most personal film. Since 1998, Solarz coordinates a screenwriting workshop in Buenos Aires and teaches in several institutions around Spain and Latin America.

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