Hosting Your Own Watch Party

Talk Amongst Yourselves, Host a Watch Party!

It's easy to talk amongst yourselves (and with filmmakers, thought leaders and activists), from the comfort of your own home or college campus when you tune into a JFI live-streamed event. Organize your own watch party and use specially curated discussion questions and recommended articles to dive deep into the important issues.

Getting Started as a Watch Party Host

All Talk Amongst Yourselves live-streams are broadcast using OVEE, an innovative social screening room developed by Independent Television Service. It's easy to setup your OVEE account and begin interacting with filmmakers, activists, experts and like-minded arts lovers around the country. With OVEE's unique features, you can write in questions to panelists, discuss the films being screened in the chat roll, or let others know how you're feeling by reacting to the conversation with emojis. Here's how:

  • Create an OVEE account so you're ready when the screening begins and receive an email reminder.
  • Send out invites to your family, friends and community members to meetup at a comfortable place for the live-streamed conversation. (Hint: food and drink are a plus!)
  • Log-in to the online screening room (with email, Facebook, Google or anonymously) when the screening is scheduled to begin. Make sure your computer is connected to a television so everyone can see. 
  • Continue the conversation after the program with JFI's customized discussion guide, including questions, articles and more (check this page for when the guides will be released). 
  • Tag your watch party photos #JFITalkAmongstYourselves to let us know you participated and for a chance to be reposted!

Any questions? Email for assistance. 

Hosting is easy!

Sign up for the Watch Party newsletter to receive details on upcoming events and resources on how to successfuly host an event. Discussion guides will be deciminated prior to the live event that will provide talking points and resources for informed dialogue.

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