38 Vienna After The Fall

It is the eve of Austria's annexation by Nazi Germany. The center of European culture is melting into a maelstrom of opportunism, violence, and despair. Carola, a young stage actress, and Martin, a journalist, fall in love. He is Jewish, she is not. As the apolitical lovers are separated and reunited by political events, they resist, demonstrate unshakable loyalty, and achieve a deep transcendent love. An exciting, richly photographed film that has received considerable and deserved acclaim. Best Foreign Film nominee, 1986 Academy Awards.
Bio-filmography by Wolfgang Bergmann 1946 born in Paderborn, Westfalia 1967-197 studies in Hamburg and Munich: journalism, art and philosophy 1972-1974 assistant of director: Geissendörfer, Stöckl, Furtwängler und Kotulla 1974-1982 director of film distributions 1981-1983 long term documentary about a ecological farmproject THIS IS NOT A DREAM, ARD 1983 1982-1985 SHADOWS OVER THE FUTURE, ZDF Kleines Fernsehspiel Price of the German filmcritics 1985, Festivals: Haifa, München, Rotterdam, Cinema du reel, Paris, Jewish, Filmfestival San Francisco & Paris, Flaherty Seminar, Anthropos 87, World Distribution: First Run/Icarus Films 1988 ONLY UTOPIA CAN SAVE US... documentary about the life of the physician Hans-Peter Dürr, 45 min., WDR 1988/89 SPURENSUCHE - The mystery of the Thora of Straubing, 45 min., WDR3 1990 INTO THE LAND OF FULFILMENT - TO COMRADE STALIN Part 1: German Communists in the Gulag Part 2: Carola Neher: Cause of death unknown Part 3: Austrians in the Gulag 3x45 Minutes, NDR/WDR/ORF 1991/1992 RAILWAY STATIONS OF EUROPE TELL THEIR STORIES, series of 9x30 minutes, (Paris, London, Leipzig, Budapest, Istanbul, Prag-Vienna, St.Petersburg, Madrid, Milan) Coproduction with NDR, Focus Film, Budapest, Video Spot, Madrid u.a. 1993 THE REICHSEINSATZ” - Forced Labourers in Germany during World War II, 117 Min. NDR/WDR/arte, Filmfest Munich, Festival Dei Popoli Firenze, Hessischer Filmpreis 1993, Int. Berlin Filmfestival 1994 1995/1996 MISUSED HELPER - The German Red Cross 1921 till 1945 NDR/WDR/arte, 52 min., Wolfgang Bergmann "OSKAR UND JACK by Frauke Sandig, 60 minutes, Super 16 mm. About identical twins living seperated, with german-jewish roots. WDR/arte/SWF, Filmbüro NW World distribution: Jane Balfour Films 1997 EMPIRE OF DREAMS - The Bolshoi Ballet between Myth and Reality Irene Langemann, 60 Min, MDR/WDR/arte World distribution: Jane Balfour Films SECRETS OF THE CHÖÖMEJ - Voices from Tuva, by Wolfgang Hamm, 60 minutes, WDR/3sat World distribution: Jane Balfour Films 1998 BETWEEN HERE AND THERE - The writer Giwi Margwelaschwili” by Irene Langemann, Deutsche Welle TV, 30 Min. END OF AN ODYSSEE - THE LIFE OF THE PIANIST RUDOLF KEHRER by Irene Langemann, Deutsche Welle TV, 30 Min. LATE VICTIMS - Germans in Polish Camps 1944 - 1950 by Wolfgang Bergmann, WDR/MDR 1999 HUMBOLDTS NEXT GENERATION, 30 Min., DW-TV KLASSE(N) KLÄNGE, Portray of a school class, by Irene Langemann, 77 min.,WDR/3sat 1999/2000 "RUSSIA'S WONDER CHILDREN", by Irene Langemann, 98/60 minutes, WDR/arte, Filmstiftung NW Trial Against Silence - The case of Enrico Mattei, by Bernhard Pfletschinger and Claus Bredenbrock, WDR/ARTE, Filmstiftung NRW, 60/45 minutes.
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