Lost Transport

In the spring of 1945 a German train deporting hundreds of Jewish prisoners from Bergen-Belsen is abandoned near a small German village occupied by the Red Army. The village quickly turns into a chaotic refugee camp, and the Soviets impose a quarantine to contain the typhus epidemic that has broken out on the train. No one is allowed to leave the village. But in this context of deep mistrust, desperation and revenge, an unexpected friendship emerges between the fearless Russian soldier Vera, the distrustful German village girl Winnie and the courageous Dutch Jew Simone (Hanna van Vliet), three women who could not be any more different from one another. Despite the traumas each has suffered in the war, they are forced by circumstance to help each other care for the sick, including Simone’s husband who is dying of typhus. Lost Transport provides a poignant example of how human beings can overcome the role of enemies that a war not of their own making has thrust upon them. Hanna van Vilet was named the Netherlands’ 2022 Shooting Star—one of 10 up-and-coming actors from Europe.

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